Justine Thomas | Pop Music Singer


Justine Thomas is a twenty-eight year old pop singer-songwriter with a four and a half octave range. Her passion for music and optimistic outlook on life drives her every day to follow her dream. Justine’s music is largely influenced by 90s pop and inspired by her own experiences. After repeated airplay in restaurants and hotels worldwide, her first 5 song EP, "Stepping Stone", is releasing on iTunes, July 15, 2013!


"When I was little, I refused to listen to pop music. For some reason, I got it in my head that my mom only liked classical music and I had to be just like her. However, one day, I stole my sister's Dream CD and suddenly my world changed forever. Soon I was obsessed with not only Dream, but B*Witched, Britney Spears, and my absolute favorite, Mandy Moore, so it's no wonder that as an artist, my music is largely influenced by 90's pop! After stubbornly refusing to take voice lessons as a kid, I was lucky enough to find an amazing voice coach who took my vocal range from one octave to 4 1/2 octaves (E3 to B7)!


My music is meant to capture certain moments in my life. I guess one could say it's my diary. My first CD "Stepping Stone", is about my journey of falling in love. It begins when I was hopelessly dreaming of falling in love at 14, follows my first heart break, some incredibly bad dates, and ends with my story of falling in love with my husband."

Read about the Inspiration Behind My Songs:


Mystical Vibe

What Went Wrong

Worst Date Ever

Cause of You

Stepping Stone